(564) Seconds
(563) Awful (2)
(562) No Faust
(561) Washed in Misery, Drenched in Gasoline
(560) Icy Grip
(559) Billie
(558) One For Robin
(557) Fuck Cancer
Scheduled Break and… SECRET THINGS

Scheduled Break and… SECRET THINGS

So, bad news. Bad news that leads to good news. Cura will be taking a one week break next week, from the 11-15th, and there will be nary a page.

(Ducks rutabagas and parsnips and rotten corpses.)

No, I know, I know, it sucks. But there are REASONS. Primarily, first and foremost, it’s because I am heading to the beach to sit in the rocky sand and do nothing but read for a week, because raising a…

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(556) Cold Dead Hands